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Donation Requests

Arizona Stronghold Vineyards is a proud supporter of many dedicated non-profit organizations. Our philanthropic focus is mainly centered around children, animals, environment, and our local community.  A few important notes before you submit your request:

Arizona Stronghold receives dozens of donation requests per week and we have a very limited donation budget. While we strive to help as much as possible, most donations cannot be fullfilled.

We do not provide financial donations. Our donations are exclusively provided in the form of wine and complimentary tasting vouchers. If approved, wine donations must be picked up at our winery in Camp Verde, Monday-Friday 10am- 4pm. We ask that all donation requests be submitted with a 30 day advance notice. If you are asking for a representative of the winery to be present at your event, we need a minimum 90 day advance notice.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you within seven (7) business days.
If approved, your donation will be ready for pickup from our winery five (5) days after approval.

We thank all the organizations who expend so much effort to support their communities!

*If you receive an error upon submitting this form, please make another attempt using a different browser. Chrome and Firefox seem to work the best for submitting this form. Thank you!